GIFTED is born

In truth, GIFTED wasn't born on a specific day.  Although today, as I write this, it feels like a bit of a birth.

It came after years of trying to make people feel special by showering them with gifts.  Big and small, expensive and not, they all had a personal touch in common.  Something that would make the recipient smile and feel the warm hug that was sent with it.

True story - I wrote 128 thank you cards in advance of my wedding.  (Let's say 123 because my husband chipped in a little and will definitely want a shout out.)  No, they weren't to thank people for the gifts.  They were to thank people for the role they played in our lives and for being there.  When each of our guests sat down, they were welcomed by a personal note telling them why we love them.  I remember walking into the room and observing people as they read their cards.  It was a quiet joy.  To this day, I visit my friends and family and most of them have them mounted or displayed.  

It's the little things.  And with that, a seed was planted that would grow to what you see now.