1. When will my gift collection be delivered?

Your collection will be made-to-order and will be delivered to your destination within 7 days. (Get ready for the delighted 'Thank You' call!) During the busy holiday season, this window may be extended slightly. Some collections will be marked specifically for the Toronto area only. Those options will have their own timelines marked. 

2. How do I tell you what to write on the card?

There is a comment box in your 'cart' for this very purpose. Please fill in all details there. When we receive it, we will confirm these details with you before sending out your gift collection.

3. Is delivery included in the cost?

Shipping will be added at checkout, unless otherwise noted. While shipping is not included in the cost, all taxes are. So don't bother mentally adding that pesky 13%.

4. Can you deliver outside of Ontario?

Yes. We can ship anywhere Canada Post can. Unfortunately, we cannot ship alcohol to our friends in Quebec.

5. How do you keep perishable foods fresh?

We pack them with cool-shield FDA-approved insulation and freezer packs. Delivery of these items is restricted to the Toronto area as we can't guarantee freshness outside of this territory.

6. Can I customize a gift collection?

Yes, of course. Would you like to add a gift card? A special something? Please contact us to take care of the details.

7. Are your crates really made by hand?

Absolutely. We take great pride in producing these beauties. It feels like sending one of our babies to university when they go out in the world.